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Piano teacher Raja Orr, Napa

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Raja Orr Piano Lessons

Raja Orr is a classically trained pianist and composer based in the Napa Valley. Orr is currently the Assistant Conductor of the Napa Valley Youth Symphony and organist of St. Joan of Arc and Holy Family church in Yountville. Orr also teaches piano and composition privately in Napa and online. Teaching Philosophy: My primary goal as a teacher is to foster love of music through the piano. A student might learn other instruments or focus on another discipline after studying piano but their appreciation for music will stay with them for the rest of their life. This is why my pedagogy is focused on teaching music that fits the student’s tastes and brings out their inner musicality. My secondary focus as a piano teacher is to not just teach students how to read music, but also how to play music. These two terms are often used interchangeably but I see them as entirely different art forms. Reading music is interpreting notes on the page and producing its sound with proper technique, dynamics, and phrasing on the instrument. Playing music is interacting with musical patterns and techniques in a spontaneous way to improvise and generate new music. This process is similar to becoming fluent in a secondary language to express one’s own ideas without hesitation. As a composer, I believe fostering a playful and creative mindset on the piano gives students the most freedom, expression, and joy from playing.

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