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Wetlands Edge Drive

Sidewalk next to wetlands with benches. Great for walking, bike riding, etc. The Napa River Bay Trail provides great views of the wetlands and constructed ponds, as well as public access to the Napa River. The Napa River Bay Trail is a segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail. The Bay Trail is a planned recreational corridor that, when complete, will encircle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays with a continuous 500-mile network of bicycling and hiking trails. When complete, the trail will provide a natural trail connection to the City of Napa. The wetlands is home to many animals, including species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, and fish. We ask that you respect these beautiful creatures by enjoying and observing them from afar. We also ask that you keep dogs leashed at all times so that they do not disturb the wildlife or our other wetlands visitors.

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